Drift Down South – Roadtrip to Margaret River and Australia’s South West

Margret River WA

Have you seen the movie Drift? Or are you planning a trip to WA’s South West to Margaret River?

Even though the movie was released in 2012, I’ve been meaning to write about both for a very long time. So if you are planning a trip to WA’s South West – I implore you to see Drift before you go. Whether you are a local or a tourist – I guarantee it will add a much deeper layer of context to the glorious coastlines, the region you are about to explore and the people you will meet there.

Set in the ’70′s in the area now established as Margaret River in Western Australia’s South West; Drift encapsulates the dreamy, sandy, outlaw spirit of Australia’s surf culture as well as chafing up against small town conservatism and criminal element that lingers in pockets of society today while shaping the story as to how some of the world’s most recognized Australian surf brands found their feet. If you travel there today you will find it all – surfers, board shorts, hippy sentiment and (if you don’t plan well) pricey accommodation straight out of the ’70′s, too.

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