Flotsam – Oceanic photography inspired by Floating Bits

My Floating Bits - Wear To Next

This weekend I caught the Floating Bits Exhibition by surfers + artists Ian & Erik Regnard at Linton & Kay Gallery in Perth. Among their many accolades, the Regnard brothers won International Photographers of The Year in New York in 2010. Floating Bits featured a woman swimming in the deep – both alone in still water and daringly playing with Manta Rays. Remarkably, shot on both Polaroid and 6×6 Film.

I too, am equally enamoured by the ocean and was fascinated by the world of Jaques Cousteau when I was young. Maybe it’s the years I spent growing up in Los Angeles or maybe it’s my Australian heritage? Old motel swimming pools, small surfing towns, the expansive coastline beaches like those in Southern California and here in Western Australia beckon me and I cannot resist.

 After seeing their haunting and resplendent collection of black and white photography shot at Niue – in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Tonga capturing the stillness and sombre of the underwater world I was inspired to post some of my (mostly self-shot) favourites from Australia, Hawaii, California, Mexico, Indonesia and Cuba. Can you guess where these are?

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